Paper tube packaging is on the rise among consumers for a few great reasons. Plastic is so 2000-and-late, and customers are ramping up the pressure on brands to become more conscious of their environmental impact. And brands that communicate a clear commitment to sustainability are more likely to receive repeat purchases and a positive reputation from shoppers, so it makes perfect sense that their packaging walks the walk.

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to cylindrical container packaging! For a retail experience that’ll circle back into customers’ minds long after the unboxing, consider paper tubes for your beauty and skincare products, candles, accessories, and more.

1. What is paper tube packaging?

If you’re looking for a vessel that isn’t a box or flat envelope, paper tube packaging is the way! This type of packaging is typically created out of kraft cardboard materials to form an empty cylinder, best used for containing like-shaped products or holding rolled paper goods, like posters and prints. Paper tube packaging usually features end caps or lid closures for smooth and easy access to the items inside.

Paper Tube Packaging

2. What can paper tubes be used for?

Paper tube packaging can be used for shipping, though it’s ideal to check with your chosen mail carrier to make sure it’s possible in your location. If you’re all set to ship your paper tubes, just slap on a shipping label and tape up the center of your paper tubes with branded tape for more security. Or, place your paper tubes inside a shipping box or container – but don’t skip out on padding any space with lightweight fillers like tissue paper, which can also show off your branding.

The shape is a sturdy support for protecting and packaging products like perfume, candles, skincare and makeup, and ceramic creations. Paper tube packaging makes the unboxing experience ultra-luxurious, especially when branded on the exterior with a logo or sticker! And when customers see product tubes inside their custom subscription boxes or online retail orders, they’ll know that they’re getting the VIP treatment from your brand.

Kraft paper tubes come in various colors, too! Switch things up with sophisticated color combinations, such as Black Kraft, to make your products inside pop.

Cosmetic packaging can sometimes be tricky due to makeup and skincare products’ various shapes and sizes. Kraft product tubes are a solid solution for containing more fragile products that might not fit as snugly in boxes. Paper tubes also make for marvelous minimalist skincare packaging, not-so-subtly signaling your beauty brand’s vision for sophistication and sustainability!

Candles are notoriously challenging to package and ship, hence why cardboard tubes help with safe shipment and delivery. There’s no need for excessive bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts when you can pack a candle into a lightweight yet reliable paper tube – though it doesn’t help to be extra careful by padding the product with tissue paper wrapping.

You can do so much with kraft tubes for shipping and packaging. Shall we slide on over to even more ways that you can use paper tubes? Here are several ideas to think about your brand’s paper tube packaging.

3. Creative ways to use paper tube packaging

Check out this terrifically tube-y list of packaging ideas to inspire your brand! And paper tube packaging design doesn’t have to dismiss your branding. Consider using paper tubes with other custom packaging products as:

1) Packaging for candles and cans

Paper tube candle packaging keeps your items secure while pairing perfectly with custom sticker labels!
Candles and canned goods can be a confusing duo to contain – which is why paper tube packaging will save you the headache! Kraft paper tubes do plenty of a job keeping your cylindrical products from rolling around unprotected in retail or shipping boxes.

Pro tip: Wrap your canned items or candles in a few layers of eco-friendly tissue paper for added interior flair, and seal the tubes with a sticker, so everything’s secured. Have your sticker show off the name or scent of your product to excite customers and let them know exactly what’s inside!

Paper Tube Packaging

2) Packaging for cosmetics and skincare

Kraft Paper Tube Packaging comes in three colors, including Black Kraft! Eco-friendly cardboard cosmetic packaging is a welcome sight for those wanting to give their beauty and skincare routines a green makeover. Store your brand’s fragrances and oils, serums and creams, lip products, makeup brushes, and more inside a kraft paper tube!

Pro tip: Customers can easily access the goods inside by simply removing the lid from one end, so keep the unboxing surprise consistent with custom tissue paper. Logo-patterned tissue paper inside your paper tube packaging wraps up a beautiful unboxing experience.

3) Packaging for sunglasses and accessories

Black interior kraft is an intriguing detail that lets your accessories and products shine brighter upon unboxing!
Stay forever the chicest accessories brand by storing glasses and sunglasses, fashion jewelry, and hair scrunchies or claws in kraft tube packaging. Paper tubes go an extra mile in preserving the items inside without adding bulk, especially for odder-shaped bits and bobs.

Pro tip: For an effortlessly cool detail and functional favor, include your goods inside branded cotton drawstring bags that fit your paper tube packaging snugly. The drawstring bags can display your logo or artwork and are repurposable at the end of the day! Customers can’t help but become further infatuated with the thoughtfulness you’ve put into your tubular packaging pair.

4) Packaging for ceramics and figurines

Ceramic cups, sleek drinkware, small vases, and fragile figurines deserve to go to a loving home – and be prevented from arriving in pieces. Paper tube packaging will keep your cautious creations from bumps and shifts during shipment.

Pro tip: For peace of mind, wrap your ceramics or figurines well in eco-friendly void fill within your paper tubes. Signal to customers that your paper tube packaging is sustainable with a branded soy ink-based stamp, and they’ll be sure to keep your brand top of mind as one that’s creative and conscious!

5) Packaging for bagged coffee and loose tea

Customized product stickers will personalize your paper tube packaging without adding weight.
Subscription coffee and tea sends never look more sustainable in paper tube packaging! It’ll give your bagged coffee beans and ground or loose-leaf products another buffer during shipment and help prevent smashes from occurring during delivery. Plus, paper tubes can be recycled curbside upon unboxing, so customers can enjoy their cuppas sans delay or guilt.

Pro tip: Logo-fied packaging tape can make the paper tube lids stay tightly sealed, keeping your product fresh longer! Educate your customers on how to properly recycle their paper packaging with sustainability instructions printed right on, or direct them to information on your website or microsite with a QR code that runs along your tape.

6) Packaging for small art prints and posters

An artist’s worst nightmare is if their one-of-a-kind print or poster arrives at a supportive customer’s doorstep bent or torn. That’s why it’s ideal for paper art to be rolled up for smoother shipping. Insert smaller prints and stationery inside paper tube packaging to properly safeguard your art! Customers will appreciate your considerate packaging that keeps these pieces of inspiration completely pristine.

Pro tip: Sending more than one print or paper art piece? Use non-abrasive washi tape to keep all of your artwork rolled! Tape the ends of your paper art together with stationery washi tape, so nothing unfurls during the unboxing. Branded washi tape with a decorative design or luxe logo will leave customers starry-eyed and pleasantly surprised!

Packaging for small art prints and posters

4. What makes paper tube packaging eco-friendly?

As shoppers become more environmentally conscious, they are looking for greener packaging options. In a 2020 report by the Pew Charitable Trusts, consumers were asked to choose their preferred packaging material. The study found that 55% of these consumers preferred paper packaging due to its environmental benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Paper Tube Packaging is a great eco-friendly packaging solution, and why your business should consider making this change.

1) It is one of the best alternatives to plastic packaging

Paper tube packaging is a much better alternative than plastic tube packaging, as its paper material does not contain any of the harmful chemicals that we know come as a result of plastic production. This means it doesn’t create any unnecessary waste or health risks when it is disposed of at its end-of-life and exposed to oxygen in the air.

Paper tube packaging is 100% recyclable and can be reused multiple times, preventing new materials from entering circulation for packaging. This adheres to the principles of the circular economy instead of the take-make-dispose model. If no plastic coating or non-eco-friendly inks are used, it can be broken down in compost, helping with carbon-nitrogen ratios.

On the other hand, plastic packaging is often made from a non-renewable resource, petroleum, and can take thousands of years to break down in landfill.

The USDA deems paper tube packaging a renewable resource because paper production uses 25 percent less energy than plastic production.

2) It is recyclable (and biodegradable)

Paper tube packaging is considered eco-friendly because it is recyclable. This means its life extends beyond a single use as a packaging product as it can be recycled and remade into new products, preventing virgin materials from entering circulation. Paper packaging has the potential to be recycled up to seven times before the fibers become too short to do so.

Recycling is also an easy end-of-life disposal for businesses to communicate to customers. There isn’t much education required from a business, as most shoppers know how to recycle thanks to there being good recycling facilities worldwide.

Paper tube packaging is eco-friendly also because it’s biodegradable. Plastic can take 1000 years or more to degrade into smaller and smaller pieces, while paper tube packaging has the ability to be biodegradable and break down in a much quicker time when added to compost or soil.

When a package is made from paper, it will break down into water and CO2 within six weeks of being put into the ground.

Paper Tube Packaging

3) It is a sustainable material for shipping

Unlike thicker materials like single-use plastic, paper is a lightweight and flexible material, which makes it easy to transport and store.

When you are paying to transport multiple packages, you ideally want the material to be lightweight and flexible because the lighter your package is, the cheaper your shipping costs will be and the less space your packages will take up during transportation.

This helps keep costs at a more sustainable level if you’re a small business, and this also helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of your business’s shipping and delivery. It’s a win-win!

4) It has no odor

One of the biggest complaints about plastic is that it has a distinctive smell. This smell is due to a chemical called Melamine which makes plastics stronger, more flexible, and less likely to break. Plastic’s strong odor can hang around for years after it has been disposed of.

Paper tube packaging has no smell because the natural material it is made of does not allow for any. it takes more than 5 years for paper to oxidize and emit an odor, which makes it a long-lasting material.

Paper tubes are made out of plant-based materials that are 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. Paper tubes can be safely used for a multitude of products, such as candles, makeup, hair products, toothpaste, and more.

5) It has a longer shelf life

Due to being made from plant-based instead of man-made materials, paper tubes can last the test of time on the shelf. When they come in contact with moisture, the tube packaging will dry up without any damage being done to the material. Plastic, on the other hand, reacts to moisture and this increases the risk of bacterial growth and mold.

Paper Tube Packaging

5. Conclusion

Paper tube packaging is a great eco-friendly alternative to single-use packaging. It’s lightweight and flexible, making it easy and cheaper to transport, and it’s 100% recyclable, which makes it an environmentally responsible choice for brands.